10 Spring Cleaning Ideas You Can Tackle This Month

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Nothing is quite more satisfying than the annual Spring deep clean. Spring cleaning can also be a way to pass the time especially during the nation-wide quarantine. We've collected a list of ten spring cleaning ideas, along with tips on how to make them more manageable, enjoyable and something the whole family can help out with!

Pack Up Your Winter Clothes

As the warm weather is approaching, the bulk of winter sweaters, coats and pants may be taking up a lot of your closet space and drawers. Instead of having to rummage around the clothes you won't be wearing for 8 months, pack them away in storage! There are plenty of affordable storage items on sites like Amazon and Wayfair, or you can always use a bag you already have and store them in spots like under your bed, in your attic or at the bottom of your closet!

Organize Your Kitchen Space

Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than opening up your spice cabinet or pantry and seeing everything neatly organized. Whether that means throwing away your expired or untouched cans of soup and stale crackers or purchasing new organizing containers, make your kitchen space one less thing to think about!

Throw Away Your Old Cosmetics

Time can fly by before you realize you've had some of your makeup since 2015. Try throwing out some of your old and expired makeup that has overflowed your cosmetic bag or drawers. It will feel freeing when you go back and open your new clean and minimalistic cosmetic space! This can also go for other bathroom items like razors, lotions, facial products and more.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Much like old cosmetics, everyone has been guilty of forgetting about an expired dressing or hidden jar of pickles in the back of the refrigerator. Now more than ever is a great time to clean out your refrigerator. Take out anything expired or items that no one is going to eat or drink and wipe down the surfaces- You'll be inspired to go out and get some fresh fruits and vegetable to fill the new empty spaces!

Wash Your Outdoor Furniture and Windows

With pollen season coming in full swing, outdoor furniture, windows and tables have been collecting layers of pollen. One way to pass the time while getting some spring cleaning done is washing your outdoor space! This can be a fun family activity especially if it's a warm day outside. Grab some buckets, a hose, soap and sponges and make this cleaning a fun activity for the kids!

Put On Some Music and Deep Clean the House

It's not spring cleaning without the classic deep clean throughout the house! Put on some music, an audiobook, your favorite podcast or grab some family members to help wipe away all the germs and dirt homes tend to build up. With the Coronavirus outbreak occurring, it's given even more reason to tackle this chore down whether that's vacuuming, dusting, mopping, or cleaning up the dishes. Check out a more detailed list here on how you can manage this daunting task!

Declutter Your Unused Items

Every room could probably use some decluttering. It's natural with everyone's busy lives that we build up junk. From extra toys to garage supplies or even furniture, try to figure out what you really need and what's essential for your household. It's important when doing this to only focus on one room at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Whether you start with your garage or play area- try not to switch rooms until the first one is complete. This activity could also help you find something you have been looking for or remind you of some nostalgic memories!

Organize Your Home Office Space

If you are now working from home it is important that you have a clean and organized spot where you can still feel productive. Having a home office space doesn't have to be much and making sure it's organized and clutter free can help ease your mind during this chaotic time. Try recycling and digitizing documents by using a scanning app on your iPhone, this will allow you to clear your desk and focus more clearly on what's directly in front of you.

Donate Your Clothes

Go through your clothes and donate any that you haven't worn in over six months or that you've outgrown. Look forward to replacing these items with a shopping spree over the summer or just enjoy having a lighter closet! You'll be surprised with how much less time it will take you to get ready in the morning or find your favorite pair of shoes!

Organize Your Closet

Once you've donated a bulk of your closet, have fun organizing your new closet! With organizational ideas all over Instagram and Pinterest, you can find new and creative ways to store your items in the most convenient way possible!

Check out below for some additional tips!

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