Tips to effectively sanitize your home amid the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the shortage of cleaning supplies during this coronavirus epidemic, one business is switching up their model in order to supply others with basic everyday needs! JAN-PRO of Columbia has recently decided to begin selling their cleaning supplies to those that cannot find them anywhere else. Before offering their products, the company made sure to check with their supplier to make sure they could continue producing such and would not run out. Deep cleaning and disinfecting is even more important now than ever as when we leave our homes, even if its to grab one or two things from the store, we never know what we are bringing back in with us. Germs can be on the bottoms of your shoes, on your clothes, in your hair, etc.

Be sure to continue to disinfect, wash your hands regularly, and to avoid touching your face. The goal is to keep each other safe. For more information on the company, or to look into purchasing some more cleaning supplies, visit here.

Photo: Getty Images

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