9 Best Craft Breweries & Distilleries in Charleston

One thing’s for sure, if you like food and drinks then the Lowcountry is the place to go.  It’s where the art of preparing delicious food and handcrafting beer and spirits is taken to the highest levels.  We’ve tapped into our adult beverage loving team members to bring you the top 9 of Charleston’s Best Craft Breweries & Distilleries - CHEERS! 🍻

1. Firefly Distillery

It all started with a Sweat Tea flavored vodka and exploded into a celebrated line of vodkas, bourbons and moonshine. The Firefly Distillery is located on Wadmalaw Island, you can take a tour Tuesday through Saturday, meet the folks that make this delicious libation while sampling from their long line of products.


2. Holy City Brewing 

What kind of crazy mind blends Yoga and Beer?!  The team at Holy City Brewing does, and they’ve been doing it well enough to win awards, thanks to their expertise in brewing Washout Wheat and Pluff Mud Porter. Holy City Brewing is located in North Charleston. 


3. High Wire Distilling Co. 

Billing themselves as Charleston’s First Distillery since Prohibition, High Wire Distilling Co. makes small batch spirits including Vodka, Rum, Gin and Whiskey, pretty much all the essential food groups.  Offering tours Tuesday through Saturday they walk you through the distilling process from fermentation to bottling.  Located on King Street in downtown Charleston.


4. Revelry Brewing Company

Revelry takes top honors for craft brew names, who doesn’t love a brewery with beers like “Backoff Warchild” and “Funkmaster & The Furious Hops”?!  And it doesn’t hurt to stack the deck with fresh cold beer, Tobo Sushi and live music on their rooftop bar


5. Charleston Distilling Co. 

When you think of old Charleston, you think King Street which is where you can find Charleston Distilling Co. They produce an array of spirits, including several Bourbons, but are probably best known for their Carolina Reaper Vodka, made with the world’s hottest pepper; the Carolina Reaper.  Don’t think it’s spicy? Watch what happens when this orchestra eats Carolina Reapers and continues to perform (skip to 1:38 for the good part).


6. Striped Pig Distillery

Located in North Charleston, The Striped Pig touts itself as Charleston’s first micro-distillery with a history steeped in tradition, they distill their spirits in “The Southern Way”. Making 6 different spirits from Spiced Rum to Vodka, there’s something for everyone. They offer tours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so come and get your Pig on.


7. Frothy Beard Brewing Company

Another West Ashley favorite, Frothy Beard Brewing Company prides itself on craft brews on the Ales spectrum.  And what better to accompany a cold Ale than a piping hot piece of pizza from Zombie Bob’s (located inside the tap room), one of the area’s only pizza crusts made with… wait for it… BEER.


8.  Palmetto Brewing Company

Palmetto Brewing Company is South Carolina’s oldest brewery since Prohibition, they’ve built a legacy on four, pillar craft brews, and are probably best known for their IPA expertise.  Add live music, a working brewery and it’s a party.


9.  Twisted Cypress Brewing Company

Located in the eclectic West Ashley part of town, this former Moose Lodge is cranking out some of the Lowcountry’s most interesting beers. Twisted Cypress Brewing Company excels in German style brewing methods- PROST!


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