Keith Urban Likes His Shows To Be 'Rowdy,' 'Loud,' + 'Drunk.'

From Celine Dion to Shania Twain and even Carrot Top, celebrities of all talents have taken a gamble and played the vivid stages of Las Vegas! 

Keith Urban is among them, making his return to Sin City after performing four shows in 2020 due to the pandemic. 

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the country superstar shared his initial hesitation to playing a Vegas residency, and it had nothing to do with COVID-19. Instead, he likes his crowds to be less glitzy glamour and more “rowdy,” “loud,” and “drunk.” 

“You know I grew up playing in the clubs, and we worked our way up to the theatres, and then worked our way up to the arenas,” says Keith. “I resisted playing Vegas for years and years and years because I always thought of Vegas as a “theatre crowd.” I don’t really like theaters.”

“I like rowdy, loud, drunken crowds. that’s like my favorite crowd to play to,” shares Keith. “The louder and drunker they are, the better.”

Keith continued to share how Caesar’s Palace handled his initial hesitation of playing a Las Vegas show and invited him to come and scope out the “first-of-its-kind” concert venue renovations made to their Colosseum Theatre. 

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“They said, “Oh, you’ve gotta come to check out this room! We’ve actually built it where it’s like an arena stage, but it’s like some theater seating at the back, and then down the front, it’s all concrete floors like a club. Standing room only. Like a mosh pit,” says Keith, surprised by the immense viewing flexibility. “We went to look at that room, and sure enough, it was all three venues rolled into one. I couldn’t believe it!” 

“We did our first run of shows, and I had such a great time playing there because you’ve got the intimacy of a small club show. You’ve got the communicative moment if they want to sit down and listen to the story songs. And then you’ve got this massive arena stage that you can really do a big production,” says Keith. “So it’s an intimate arena!”

Keith’s ‘Keith Urban Live – Las Vegas’ shows will wrap up this weekend at Caesars Palace. However, fans can still catch him on the road as he heads to Australia by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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