New "Bath Bombs" Will Turn Into Cocktails


Yes, you read that right, Patron has teamed up with Muddling Memories, to create the first "bath bomb" that turns your alcohol into a delicious, fun to watch cocktail!

So, I'm guessing you ladies love to use these bath bombs at then end of a hard day while you are trying to wind down.  You might also pour yourself a glass of wine or make yourself a cocktail to bring to the bath with you. Well no need to waste your time doing that anymore! While that bath is getting ready, pour a shot of tequila into a glass and add your little ball of fun into your glass and after a few bubbles of excitement, and VOILA! There's a fresh margarita ready with your bath!

Muddling memories makes all sorts of crazy cocktails and I'm sure there will be a lot more to come with this new bath bomb cocktail idea!

Below are some of Muddling memories creations!

College Boy Ellison

College Boy Ellison

College Boy Ellison


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