Top 6 Moments from our 2018 Concert for the Kids

Our 2018 Concert for the Kids presented by Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union was a huge success! We raised over $62,000 for the campaign for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital during the show at the Charleston Music Hall on Monday night (April 23rd). Our afternoon host, Ric Rush, and MUSC Children's Hospital's Children's Miracle Network Champion Ambassador for 2018, Riley Klim co-hosted the event.

Chris Janson, Eric Paslay and David Lee Murphy told us some great stories behind some of the songs you hear on the WEZL. They also played those songs for us together onstage. It was a fun night filled with great music, stories, laughs and maybe a tear or two. 

Here are our top 6 moments from the show!

When Riley and Ric Rush were dressed like Big and Little Enos Burdette from Smokey and the Bandit

Riley asked Chris Janson "where was the strangest place you've ever peed?" 

Chris Janson's response was priceless! He said "On the airport tarmac.... yesterday."

Eric Paslay donated all the cash in his wallet to the hospital after hearing a patient story.


David Lee Murphy performed "Dust On The Bottle"

Chris Janson's One Man Band

Chris Janson was pumped up on some Mountain Dew! He was sporting a guitar, keyboard, kick drum and harmonica. He was a complete one man band.


With your help we raised over $62,000 for the campaign for MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital!


Photos: Travis Dew Photography / Wesley Sharp for iHeartRadio

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