In The Feels: Boy Sells His Prize Possession To Help His Dog

Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann of Lebanon, Virginia, has two passions in his life -- his Pokémon card collection and his puppy, Bruce.

But when Bruce was diagnosed with a dangerous virus and would need expensive medical treatment, Bryson decided to help out by putting his Pokémon card collection up for sale.

Bryson put a wooden sign on his lawn that read, “Pokemon 4 SALE,” and then spent two afternoons on the front lawn, selling those cards to raise money for Bruce.

But when news of this special card sale got around, neighbors started asking if there was a way to help. Bryson’s mom set up a GoFundMe campaign that was a huge success, raising enough money to cover the cost of Bruce’s treatment.

Not only that, but a Pokémon store in Seattle heard the news and sent Bryson cards to make up for the ones he sold.

Thanks to Bryson’s compassion and the help of strangers who pitched in, Bruce is “back to his puppy self.”

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