Day 1: Back to School Kindness

It's the first day of our 103 Day Kindness Crew-Aide with Crews Chevy. Today we thought we'd celebrate our teachers. So we gave a $100 gift card to one teacher in each school district; Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties.

Pictured above are Ms. Smits and Ms. Keesler. They won from Berkeley and Dorchester counties respectively. 

Thanks to Restoration Community Church and Crews Chevy

Listen back to Day 1 of the 103 Day Kindness Crews-Aide here:


If you or someone you know is in need of some kindness. Let us know!

Kindness Crews-Aide with Crews Chevy

Kindness Crews-Aide with Crews Chevy

Spreading Kindness with our friends at Crews Chevy Read more


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