Day 5: Date Night!

We wanted to find a couple that could really use a date night to themselves. The Homegrown Hospitality Group and Atom Tickets teamed with us to send one lucky couple to dinner and a movie and we'll even cover the baby sitter!

After looking through the submissions, one stuck out to us.  It was from  Kristina Russell of Summerville.  

This is her story:

"A little more than a year ago, I was forced out of my job as a 16 year dispatcher for police, fire and EMS due to PTSD. I had not been able to find work since . I finally have been able to get a job as a personal assistant but things are still so tight. Every penny goes to bills and doesn't leave a lot of room for anything fun. My husband is a police officer who is working himself into a stress breakdown to keep things afloat.  Any bit of kindness would be unbelievably meaningful. Thank you for your consideration and for doing this wonderful thing for our community."

Listen to our call to Kristina here:

Kindness Crews-Aide with Crews Chevy

Kindness Crews-Aide with Crews Chevy

Spreading Kindness with our friends at Crews Chevy Read more


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