Detailed Total Eclipse Map and Where To Find NASA Certified Eclipse Glasses


If you are in line with the total solar eclipse, don't let August 21st arrive without getting your NASA certified solar eclipse glasses.  NASA reported cases of counterfeit eclipse glasses and is warning people about the dangers of looking into the eclipse if you aren't wearing the correct glasses.


Here are 5 types of NASA certified solar eclipse glasses and where to find them.

American Paper Optics

These glasses will block out 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays and will allow you to view the sun’s natural orange color.

These can be purchased through Lowes, Walmart, Toys R Us, Home Depot and Amazon.


The company has a range of solar eclipse viewing products including glasses and sun binoculars, and they offer an Americana design in honor of the Great American Eclipse.

TSE products can be purchased from Amazon and Walmart.

Photo: Courtesy of Lunt Solar Systems

Thousand Oaks Optical

Thousand Oaks Optical claims that their glasses are safe for viewing the sun at all times. Thousand Oaks offers glasses and optical viewing sheets.

They can be purchased through Amazon.

Photo: Courtesy of Thousand Oaks Optical

Rainbow Symphony

Rainbow Symphony has a large variety of eclipse viewing products, including customized products for businesses or organizations and designer solar viewing glasses.

Rainbow Symphony are available for purchase on Amazon or at Walmart.

Photo: Courtesy of Rainbow Symphony

Baader Planetarium

Baader Planetarium is a German company that offers an assortment of solar viewing products but you might need to speak to the U.S. distributor.

According to Baader Planetarium's website, the glasses offer 100% ultra-violet protection and reduce sunlight intensity by 99.999%. However, there aren't many different designs.

Baader Planetarium glasses are available on Amazon or at Walmart.

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