Instagram Account Shows Really Bad Home Decor

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Interior designer Dina Holland is responsible for the “Please Hate These Things” Instagram account, which displays some truly awful home design choices, and currently has over 44,000 followers. While some may think it’s mean-spirited, Holland notes that in general “people think it’s funny.”

 As for why some folks would make such horrible design choices, she notes, “a lot of younger designers don’t have the confidence to go in and say, ‘No, that’s not the right look.'”Some huge design mistakes on the site include carpet on the ceiling, a person who put a quote about their love of garlic on a wall in their family room, and even two lights that when turned on casts a shadow that looks like boobs on the ceiling.

Check out some of the most egregious design mistakes below:

I don’t even like regular sized cats, never mind giant sized ones that I’m supposed to sit on.

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Shit has really gone downhill for the old lady in a shoe.

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That open concept will getcha every time.

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This ceiling is making itchy.

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