Weezer Caves to Social Media and Covers Toto's "Africa"

So....this 14 year old girl heard an old 80s song on the Netflix show "Stranger Things" and thought her favorite band should do a cover.  As with all entitled 14 year olds...she thought it would be just that easy.  She laid out a plan...created a twitter account with the sole purpose of badgering this 90s band to cover this 80s hit...and then commenced to just annoying the hell outta WEEZER.  

This went on for weeks...finally WEEZER...who still wanted to have some sense of dignity...decided they would cover a TOTO song...but on their own terms.  They covered Rosanna.  Was that good enough for this 14 year old girl and her legions of 14 year old friends on the internet? No...because nothing is ever good enough for 14 year olds...regardless of gender! I know...I raised a son...and 14 was the worst!!!!!!

WEEZER...knowing what they were up against...CAVED!!!! And...NOW....this annoying 14 year old's behavior was rewarded with, what was once a respected 90s Alternative Rock Band, covering a song she heard on a damn Netflix show! Anyway....I think that's how it went down based on the paragraph and a half I read of this article from Billboard Magazine

I will say...it was a pretty good cover though! And...so was their cover of Roseanna! Here are the videos for both...Listen for yourself!   Enjoy...Ric

Ric Rush

Ric Rush

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