Police: Stop Calling 911 Because You've Run Out of Toilet Paper

As police stations all over the country brace for calls related to the Coronavirus outbreak, a police department in Oregon have been flooded with 9-1-1 calls from an entirely different emergency: people reporting they've ran out of toilet paper.

In a message posted on Facebook, the Newport Police Department writes, "It's hard to believe that we even have to post this. Do not call 911 just because you ran out of toilet paper. You will survive without our assistance."

Toilet paper is unavailable at many stores and supermarkets across the US, including the Lowcountry. Many sellers on Amazon and other online shops are also out of stock. Stores are doing the best they can to re-stock but the hours of the re-stocking are unknown.

The police offered up some humorous, friendly tips for those that are dealing with the shortage.

"In fact, history offers many other options for you in your time of need if you cannot find a roll of your favorite soft, ultra plush two-ply citrus scented tissue," the police wrote.

The message goes on to suggest alternatives to toilet paper, such as sponges, rags, catalogue pages, grocery receipts and empty toilet paper rolls. "Be resourceful," police say in the post. "Be patient. Just don’t call 9-1-1. We cannot bring you toilet paper."

Are you stocked up on toilet paper? What would you do if you needed back up?

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