Homes Are Spreading Christmas Cheer Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Twas the week of Quarantine, when all through the homes many people were stirring, with no place to go.

The future of this outbreak and quarantine is ominous, so people across the nation have gotten creative in spreading cheer, including taking out their Christmas lights! In an effort to spread positivity and a bit of light in the situation, many people have unboxed their Christmas decorations and decorated their homes again to light up their neighborhoods. Residents from California to Rhode Island, tennessee and more have joined the movement in an attempt to find a little bit of happiness in a stressful situation using hashtags like #CoronaChristmas, #CoronaKindness, and #LightsforLife.

In addition to the Christmas lights, many neighborhoods have created private Facebook groups in order to organize ways to spread positivity throughout the neighborhood whilst remaining homebound. Some of these projects include the christmas lights, signs in their windows, planting flowers around the neighborhood, creating scavenger hunts for kids and more with the intent of coming together as communities and creating activities for children since parks and playgrounds are now off the table.

“This is a nice opportunity where families can get in the car and not have to directly be in contact with anyone else and drive around with their kids to look at the lights,” Massachusetts resident Kelly Condon said. “[It’s] a bit of joy in a time where we are trying to make sense of all this and find some happiness.”

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Photo: Getty Images