Kenny Chesney Announces Deluxe Version of 'Here and Now' Album

Kenny Chesney has released a deluxe version of his “Here and Now” album. The deluxe version features four new songs, "Wind On," "Fields of Glory,” "My Anthem," and "Streets," which Chesney co-wrote with Tom Douglas. “With so much still unsettled, I didn’t want to wait anymore to share them," says Chesney about the deluxe album.  “Here and Now” the deluxe album arrives on May 7th. 

“There’s something that happens when we bring the new songs out on the road. To me, that’s when an album is really finished. Once you play the songs, and get the chance to come together in the name of music.”

Of course as fans are excited to hear the new music, they are also loving Kenny new single he just released to country radio, “Knowing You.”

Talking about the powerful track, Kenny says,“This isn’t about death, or losing someone to the other side…It can be a lover who’s left or group of friends who came together, dreamed together, then went off to chase those things. You may never be together again, but that moment – no matter where you are – you can close your eyes and remember everything about the people, the places, the joy comes right back. Those people, those experiences change you. You’re better for them if you’ll see them for what they were and how they made you better. So I’m really happy to know that what I heard when I first heard the demo is how other people are feeling whether they see the video, stream it somewhere or hear it on radio.”

What is your favorite song from Chesney’s “Here and Now” album?