Thomas Rhett's Three Girls Were Hoping for a Baby Brother

As you may know, Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are expecting a baby girl but their daughters were hoping for a baby brother. 

"Lauren was showing them the pregnancy test and she was like, 'This means that you're going to have another sister.' And they both were just like, 'But we wanted a brother!' And they looked at me like it was my fault," said Rhett. 

Thomas reassured his daughters that having another girl would be“awesome”and told them that maybe one day they would have a baby brother. Rhett and Lauren were caught off guard with this pregnancy and she thought there was“no way”she could be pregnant while they were away on a ski trip. Thomas says Lauren felt ill while on the ski lift and she later took a pregnancy test which revealed that she was pregnant. 

How did your children react to your pregnancy news? Share your story.

Photo via Getty Images

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