Girl Tries Taking Perfect Ice Cream Photo – But Captures Something Upsetting Instead

Ok, this is seriously HILARIOUS!

I'm sure at one point in our lives we have been somewhere in public eating.  Then, all of a sudden, an animal of some sort comes along and either tries to or actually DOES take our food.

The Daily Mirror reports:

Twitter user @youngweonhi wanted to enjoy an ice cream. Last week, she bought a chocolate cone while strolling by the seaside in Santa Barbara, California.

The 20-year-old – as is customary – paused before tucking in to take a quick photo. In the background, you can see the glistening ocean, the rolling hills of the West Coast. Quite idyllic.

But then a seagull ruins everything. Everything. The perfect Instagram shot was spoiled by flapping wings and a hungry beak. They're not just pests here in the UK, where the birds attack dogs and pilfer Cornish fish and chips. They also operate in the US.



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