Modern Family Actor Didn't Recognize Taylor Swift

Ed O'Neill of Modern Family had a great interaction with Taylor Swift at Sarah Hyland's birthday party, but the only problem is he didn't know who she was. 

On a recent episode of Ellen, O'Neill describes the encounter and the confusion he had in trying to realize who she was. In the interview, he recalls that he noticed a "pretty girl" approaching him but couldn't put a name to the person. Nonetheless, O'Neill took a selfie with the then unknown figure only to find out later through his daughter that it was Taylor Swift. 

Swifties don't get too upset because the 71 year old actor has a reputation of not recognizing famous celebrities.  In 2016, he unknowingly took a picture with Britney Spears. Safe to say that this was an honest mistake and there shouldn't be any bad blood towards the actor.  

Watch Ed O'Neill tell the story himself below (3:40 mark): 



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