Tesla CEO Sold $5M in Flamethrowers in One Weekend

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has built a consumer flamethrower and has sold over $5 million in the first weekend. 

The flamethrower costs $500 and you can buy a fire extinguisher for $30 too. You might need it. The company has produced about 20,000 units which will sell for $10M. He's already sold 10,000 units during the first weekend. 

Elon Musk posted an Instagram video of himself playing around with the torch. 


If you're wondering if these torches are legal, the answer is mostly yes. There are no federal laws that limit your ability to own a Flamethrower. However State Laws in Maryland and California say otherwise. In Maryland, it is completely illegal. California requires a license from the State Fire Marshal. 

Buy your Flamethrower at TheBoringCompany.com



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