Police Find a Kangaroo in Rural South Carolina

This is not something you see everyday. The McCormick County Sheriff's office got a call early Tuesday morning for an animal in the road. What they found was from the other side of the world - literally.

When police arrived they saw what looked to be a deer in headlights but it was actually a kangaroo. 

Dispatchers called a deputy to the a location in rural South Carolina at around 6:30am on Tuesday when he arrived he captured this photo, posting it on Facebook with the caption "When you get dispatched to an animal in the road and this is what you find" 


Police were puzzled as to how the animal made it to the area just north of Augusta, GA near the Georgia/South Carolina border. Obviously the marsupial is not from around here. The kangaroo is native to Australia.

According to WIC, "there is a man who is licensed, bonded, and insured to own it in the county. Sheriff's officials say the animal got out of his owner's pen and escaped to Highway 28."

Police contacted the owner and got the kangaroo back safely. 

Maybe Chris Hemsworth will come film his next Australian adventure in South Carolina. 


Photo: McCormick County Sheriff's Office



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