Baby Sea Turtle Trapped in a Plastic Cup on the Beach

The Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program has shared this photo of a baby sea turtle trapped in a plastic cup. 

The baby Loggerhead was making its way to the ocean, after hatching from its nest, when it got stuck in a plastic cup that had been left as trash on a Florida beach. 

The conservation program posted on Facebook: 

One of our morning turtlers came across this loggerhead hatchling trying to make his/her way to the ocean. Unfortunately, this hatchling got caught up in a human’s trash and would most likely have never made it to the ocean had they not been found // >> We cannot stress this enough, but please•please•please remember to pick up after yourself. You don’t just make the beaches ugly when you litter, you are also affecting endangered animals as well, and it could cost them their lives.

They urged their followers to keep the oceans and beaches clean to prevent the endangered wildlife from losing their lives. 



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