George Clooney Is The Highest Paid Actor In The World & Makes $27K An Hour

You might be thinking that you haven't seen George Clooney in a movie for some time but apparently that is not stopping him for being the Highest-Paid Actor in the WORLD! He makes about $27K an hour but what for? One word - TEQUILA! He teamed up with some friends to create Casamigos Tequila.

Clooney helped start Casamigos Tequila back in 2013 with some rich friends. Last June, they sold the company to drinks giant Diageo for $700 million, with the potential for another $300 million over the next 10 years if customers continue liking Casamigos. In other words, it was a billion-dollar deal. Clooney's cut was about $233 million.

And how much is Clooney actually worth? Close to $500 million! UNREAL! 


Photo: Getty Images



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