In the Feels: Nurse Puts Together Something To Help Cancer Patients

Megan Tresnak of Ludington, Michigan, is a registered nurse who is staying home to raise her two young children -- but also wanted to make an impact on patients at a local cancer clinic.

So, Megan launched a fundraiser with the hopes of putting together care kits to make cancer patients more comfortable as they’re dealing with chemotherapy.

Her goal was to raise $1,000. She reached that goal in just a day and a half. At the end of the campaign, Megan had raised more than $2,300.

She then put together 100 care kits, which include a journal, a word-search book, a stress ball, lotions, lip balm and candies -- all in a tote bag.

Megan then delivered the bags to the cancer clinic for new patients who will be starting treatment.

The community services director at the clinic -- Kaley Petersen -- was thrilled that Megan put this effort together because it directly affects patients and really showed the understanding and appreciation of the community.

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