Lunchbox Tried To Get As Many "Free Tacos (Per 1 Person)" As Possible

Lunchbox Free Tacos

The Golden State Warriors lost the NBA Finals, but they made everyone a winner by scoring for fans on both sides of the court. Yesterday (June 18) all Taco Bell locations had an opportunity for people to pick up one free Doritos Locos Taco per one person for 4 hours.

The Warriors won an away game earlier this month against the Toronto Raptors "stealing the W from the team on its home turf," which is what Taco Bell said needed to happen for the free taco day.

Lunchbox decided to go to Taco Bell for his free taco, but he tried to get more than one by swapping outfits after getting a taco. He made it through 2 outfits and by the 3rd outfit the lady at the counter threatened to call the cops on him.

She gave Lunchbox the option to review their tapes and if it wasn't him coming in multiple times, she would give him 4 tacos. If it was him, the cops would get to prosecute him. So instead, he left.

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