Jason Aldean, Jake Owen & More Troll Bobby On Instagram

Country artists came out in full force when Bobby posted an Instagram this week. He shared a post asking listeners to write their Venmo in the comments and he was going to give away free money to random listeners.

That's when Jason Aldean, Brothers Osborne, Jake Owen, Chuck Wicks, and Caylee Hammack jumped in to post their comments. Most were pertaining to what Bones was asking people to do, while a few were directed at Bobby rather than the post itself.

Jason Aldean wrote, "Hey @mrbobbybones I need to get in on some of that action... I haven't been able to work all year."

Brothers Osborne wrote, "bonesbetterhavemymoney"

Jake Owen commented, "Are you giving it away shirtless?"

Chuck Wicks commented, "Ohhhh Hell YEAH!!! Red Lobster Tonight!!! Charles-Wicks-4"

Caylee Hammack piggy backed on Wicks comment, "Imma eat at Olive Garden tonight BOISSSSSS. Cause I think @chuckwicks is renting out Red Lobster with his money. Caylee-Hammck."

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