Jimmie Allen Working To Become a Professional Bowler

Jimmie Allen released his new album Tulip Drive and stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the project, plus the sport he's been pursuing in his off time.

Tulip Drive has several collaborations featured on it. One of them being a track with CeeLo Green and T-Pain. He was working on the track originally with just Green, but then decided after working on the song to also add T-Pain to the collaboration. Allen confessed that he free-styled the chorus on this specific song. The album also features a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, it's a reimagined version of "On My Way" from her movie Marry Me. The collaboration happened because Allen knows someone that works with Lopez, and he reached out about doing the remake. Allen admitted he didn't even know what the song was going to be, but he said yes immediately. Also on the album is a collaboration with Katie Ohh, who is an artist that doesn't currently have a record deal. Allen decided to always have a collaboration on each of his albums with an artist that doesn't have a record deal so that he can help inspiring artists like he was once helped. He did it once before with the artist Neon Union.

Besides music, Allen is focused on some other fun things. He's been seriously looking into television and film, because he doesn't want to keep touring so many months out of the year. He hopes in the future he can do about 30 shows in the year, and then spend the rest of his time doing movies. His hope in doing this is so that he can spend more time with his family and focus his energy on the business side of music. Allen also has a passion for bowling. He's on 3 different teams, one of those being a traveling bowling league. He's going to take off the whole month of January in 2023 to do some PBA tournaments in hopes of officially becoming a professional bowler.

Allen revealed a really heartwarming fun fact about his name. He was actually named Jimmy, but decided to change the spelling of his name to Jimmie when he got a record deal so that he could honor his grandmother who spelled her name Bettie. She's also the reason he includes bandanas in his wardrobe. As for the rest of his family, Allen has 4 sisters and 2 brothers who don't care about his fame. He said they still treat him like he's Jimmy, but that's nothing new as they all like to keep work outside of their relationships.

Bones revealed that he actually reached out Allen about a collaboration with the Raging Idiots. However, after 2 days Bones never heard anything back. As it turns out, Allen didn't have a phone. He had just updated his phone and plugged it in, when it went totally black. He ended up not having a phone for almost 4 days, and then never saw the text from Bones. Now the Raging Idiots have someone else on their song, but Allen said he hopes to do a collaboration with them one day.

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