Helping A North Charleston Warming Shelter

Last night a warming shelter opened at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in North Charleston as the Lowcountry reached freezing temperatures. Volunteers from local churches were there to help pass out food, set up beds and help provide a safe shelter for the night. Without their generosity shelters like these would not exist. 

With the help from the community through donations to the WEZL Kindness Crews-Aide, we were able to supply food from Sticky Fingers to the shelter. 


Thank you to everyone who has helped us make a difference in the community. This would not be possible without you, our listeners. 

As always thanks to our friends at Crews Chevrolet for helping us spread kindness throughout the Lowcountry.

A note from the organizer: 

I cannot thank you and Kindness Crews-Aide for what you did for our guests at the Aldersgate Warming Shelter last night with the food from Sticky Fingers. We try to always provide a hot meal for our guests but last night was above and beyond. I believe the number I heard was 45 or 46. When my grandson and I left about 11, there was NOTHING of that wonderful dinner remaining. I know you sat in with some of them while they were eating, heard the laughter and the camaraderie of "family banter". I don't know about you, but I look at them and believe that all or most never thought to find themselves in this position in life. We are so blessed to have the support of the community and other churches like yours to be able to help the distressed.

Kindness Crews-Aide with Crews Chevy

Kindness Crews-Aide with Crews Chevy

Spreading Kindness with our friends at Crews Chevy Read more


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