Nominate Someone for 103 Acts of Kindness

The WEZL's 103 Acts of Kindness Crews-Aide with Ric Rush is underway, thanks to Crews Chevrolet!

Do you know someone that could use a little kindness? Maybe they need help with an overdue bill or car repair? Do you know a couple that could desperately use a date night without the kids? Is there someone that has shown you a little kindness and you need WEZL's help with saying "Thanks!"? LET US KNOW! 1035 WEZL wants to help, if we can.

Maybe you know someone that needs something that we haven't even thought about yet. We want you to tell us about it! Whether it's helping out with a specific need...Random Acts of Kindness ...or bringing the Lowcountry together for a cause...that's what our 103 Acts of Kindness Crews-Aide is all about!

Click here to nominate someone.