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12 Strays of Christmas 2020 Day 8: Caramel & Taffy

Welcome to the 12 Strays of Christmas presented by Crew's Subaru of Charleston! Every year, hundreds of animals are taken in by the Charleston Animal Society,

For over 144 years, Charleston Animal Society has been preventing cruelty to animals and helping families keep their pets for life.

Each day, we will be highlighting one animal that is adoptable now at Charleston Animal Society. Check out today's stray of the day: Caramel & Taffy

"Hay There!

Our names are Caramel and Taffy. We are sisters that are looking for our forever homes. We were in foster care for about 8 weeks before we were big enough to be ready for adoption. During that time in foster care, we had lots of fun playing and exploring in a large ex pen in our very own foster room. Our foster parents made sure to visit us lots during the day for social time. We don't like to be picked up too much (it's scary for most bunnies!), but we are willing to sit still for pets, as long as it's not too long- we are busy buns! What we do love to do is eat! Every day we get Timothy pellets, unlimited fresh hay and our favorites, fresh cilantro and parsley. We are very proud to say that we are getting very good at using our litter box consistently. Foster mom tells us that this will hopefully allow us to eventually be free roam house bunnies. Please consider making us a part of your family!

P.S. If you are new to bunnies, the shelter staff can provide you lots of great information. You can also go to the website It has all the information you will need to give us a great home."

Species: Small & Furry

Breed: Rabbit

Sex: Female

Color: Tan

Size: Small

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Housetrained: Unknown

ID: 40930A and 40936A

: Yes

You can adopt Caramel and Taffy NOW by calling Charleston Society (843) 747-4849 or by visiting their website here.

Stay tuned as we post new strays every day as part of our 12 Strays of Christmas presented by Crews Subaru of Charleston.

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